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The first and most advanced Freelance Blockchain Ecosystem since 2017.

Stipend is the solution for a 10+Trillion $ Market.

From fees ranging from 15% to 32% commission (including payment gateways) stuttering the natural evolution of the freelance market of over 10 Trillion$ yearly towards a fully digitalized solution. Stipend aims for a 0% Commission for all freelancers and clients utilizing the unique features of its ecosystem :

  • Proof of Success (Rewards both the Freelancer and Client for a job done without a dispute)
  • Volatility Insurance (If you are wary of the volatility receive the amount you agreed upon no more no less)
  • Instant Payments (The payments are processed within seconds)
  • Stipend Invest (Any Stipend left on the platform will generate daily income through the PoS Minting Protocol of the Stipend blockchain)...


Stipend Platform V1.0

Stipend Platform V1.0 is Live it's been in development for over 3 years with the help of both freelance experts and technology gurus and offers a complete set of tools for any online work. V2.0 of the next Stipend steps has already been taken!

Stipend Blockchain Offers Unique Features

The Stipend Blockchain is enabling new ways to enhance the Freelancing Experience and allow a new revolution to the 10Trillion$+ industry allowing both freelancers and clients to work on a never-before scale and ease.

0% Commission

Stipend coin usage offers a 0% commission on every job made on the platform. Other payment choices are subject to small fees switched to SPD.

Volatility Insurance

This unique Stipend feature allows its users to avoid any market volatility enabling both parties to receive a fixed USD amount from the start until the job is done.

Proof Of Success

The Proof Of Success is a feature implemented to reward both the client and the Freelancer for a job done without any conflicts, empowering issue resolution!

Stipend Enterprise Edition

A specifically designed Stipend solution for Companies to recruit and manage their freelance workforce with all of Stipend Blockchain's unique features.

Instant Payments

Powered by blockchain the payments are seconds away with Stipend, no waiting for payment processing gateways.

Stipend Invest

If you own Stipend on the platform you are entitled to daily shares of the Stipend blockchain revenue through the Stipend - Proof Of Stake.

Latest news from Stipend

Platform Beta

Release of the Stipend Platform Beta, as the first freelance operational blockchain fully featured blockchain.

Stipend May Update

The Stipend Update of May 2021 is released covering many points related to dev and the project in general

Platform V1.0 Launch

Launch of the Stipend Platform V1.0, as the first freelance operational blockchain fully featured blockchain.

Stipend Platform V1.0 Launch

Launch of the Stipend Platform V1.0 as the first fully-featured blockchain-driven freelance Platform.

Future Blockchain Summit

Stipend selected as a Star Startup for the biggest blockchain event, the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai.

Stipend Team

Saâd Khafif

Co-Founder & C.E.O


Co-Founder & C.O.O

To be announced


Youssef Elallali

Lead Smart Contract Dev

To be announced

Community Manager


Blockchain Developer

Zakaria Elhialat

VueJS / NodeJS & Mobile Developer


.JS Developer


QA tester - Reporting


Mobile developer


Web Developer


The Stipend project is over 4 years old now and had its fair share of ups and downs

The roadmap below shows a brief idea of the project lifecycle, where the project is at the current moment, and where it's going.

The current roadmap will be updated frequently.


First Stipend Brainstorm

The team formed and started discussing the first blockchain-powered freelance project, considering opportunities.


Stipend Project Launch

Marks the start of the project and the first Stipend blockchain block minted.


Stipend Demo

Release of a demo of the end-product without a BackEnd mostly using Javascript/Css to have as much feedback from the community as possible.


Stipend Alpha

The first Alpha of the platform was released with an updated UI/UX and a definitive technology setup (Node.Js / Vue.Js).


Stipend Beta

Release of a Beta version including most of the final features and a complete custom gateway payment module.

Q2 2021 - NOW

Stipend V1.0

The release of the version Stipend 1.0, with the first iteration of a working Volatility Insurance and Proof of success.

Q2 2021

Stipend Blockchain Bridge

The development of Stipend's own Blockchain Bridge allowing the Stipend coin to be transferred to ERC20 chains as a token. The bridge will also allow the creation of custom smart contract chains on top of the Stipend Blockchain allowing companies to establish their applications on top of the Stipend blockchain.


Binance and other Exchange listings

Listings on Binance and ERC20 exchanges after the completion of the Stipend Bridge.


Stipend Mobile Platform

Release of a Mobile version of the platform for both IOS and Android.


Stipend Enterprise Edition

Release of the Stipend Enterprise Edition tools for companies to manage and empower their freelance manpower at a reduced cost and with many advantages.


Stipend Invest

Launch of the Stipend Invest Platform allowing anyone with SPD in their platform's wallet to receive interests on a daily basis, expanding the project audience.


Stipend V2.0

The Stipend Platform V2.0 offers services around you other than freelancing from babysitting to house maintenance powered by the unique Stipend Blockchain Features.

It also enables Stips that could be pool task, projects tasks, one-shot tasks and a lot more of features.


Stipend Core

Stipend Core is a Pivx Fork


Proof of Stake (Cold & Hot PoS)

Max. 2 MB

60 Seconds (Re-targeting every block with 15 seconds granularity)

173 TPS (Current theoretical maximum)

Yes (Earn block reward from coin ownership with wallet's opened to staking)

5,000 SPD collateral per masternode. (80% block reward)

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Contact details

Email   : [email protected]
Phone  : +212663648298